Improved payee management

Hopefully, it will be looked at soon now plus is done

Especially with the number of votes at the top

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It’s been a year since this thread was created. No changes to payee management in that time. I’d love this to see some :heart: this year, subject to the you-know-what of course :pray:t3:


Is Payee management getting any love? I had a number of contacts that were first name only, since the second level of verification was introduced it throws an error on the details as it cannot match the payee name to the destination bank account. All I want to be able to do is edit the Contact name and add a surname.

That’s interesting. I thought existing payees weren’t being put through the name check, but just new payees from now on.

Maybe I was wrong though?

This desperately needs an update. Since going full Monzo it’s crazing me. The ability to add an avatar for payees or a nickname would be a start. I manual payments into 5 accounts all in my name and I keep having to go off and lookup which is which every time…


Please please please can this get some love now Plus is out the door :pray:


And don’t make it a Plus product :rofl:


Ad nauseam… :sleeping:

No need to be horrible

This is one of the main reasons I keep Starling as my main ‘personal bills’ account, rather than Monzo.
Starling let you change any details for a Payee after setting them up.

Write a wrong digit? You can correct it without having to write down the bank details, delete the payee, and then re-enter them.

Possibly THE ONLY reason I don’t switch to Monzo.



Lots of great suggestions here! We shipped today a small improvement to Payees. You can now create a payee without needing to send them a bank transfer :tada:

We also updated some of the components used in the add payee flow, to match the rest of the app.

It’s in Labs, let us what you think!


Nice! :+1:

EDIT: Works well and also performs a CoP check too!


There’s also a nice empty state for customers without any payees after signing up (first screen)


Great stuff. Hopefully this is the start of a revamp in this area :grinning:


I think that may have can the revamp…

Great improvement, is this the start of many in this area or was this just a one stand alone project?


Thank you Bruno, this is great. Any plan in bringing “Merge payees” to iOS?


I’ve tidied up my payees so any that were Mr A B Name are now First Surname so that the coloured circles are FS not MA. Its the little things :smile:


Thanks for this update, Bruno. Still can’t add a photo for payees :slightly_frowning_face: will there be more updates to this feature?

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I hope so :pray: :pensive:

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