Improved payee management

Is there any good reason why you can’t edit names?

Is there any good reason that after scrolling all the way down there’s no way to see account details so if you tap the wrong one you have to rinse and repeat several times?

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Yes, I feel like on the payments page where you select the payee there should be account details listed below the name so you don’t have to select the payee, enter an amount and proceed to the next page to see the account details. Having several accounts under 1 name has improved this so I only have myself listed once now with all my accounts under a single name. But, you can’t merge payees, you have to add them manually again under a single payee and then delete the duplicates

You can merge but it renames in an unpredictable and directional way rather than giving you the option. It also seems to automerge without asking you. And it does nothing to distinguish multiple accounts under the same bank which is really confusing.

Only on android… ios doesnt have any merge functionality :-1:

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I joined the community to post on this! Sad that it’s been such a long awaited item but I do understand the team will have their priorities.

Things which have stood out to me:

  • Someone pays you before you pay them, and you are now stuck with whatever crappy name their bank displays on the account
    • The only way to solve this is to delete the contact and then pay them something back
  • When someone on Monzo asks you to pay them to a non-Monzo account, you now have two entries for one person in the list
  • You cannot add additional bank details to a Monzo contact until you have paid them or they have paid you via Monzo
  • You can’t tap on someone’s account details to copy/paste them so if you do wish to move their non-Monzo account under their Monzo contact card, it’s a manual (i.e. error-prone) job

We have frequent, recent, and a long list of other payees (anyone in my contacts…)

However, it would be nice to have a favourites list of payees (my partner, my close friends)

The ability to rename payees would also be nice :slight_smile:


Doesn’t anyone know when is the merging payees coming to iOS?

Currently it’s not, it was made for Android by some employees in ‘Monzo Time’


Have we got any updates on whether this is actually a priority internally?

For context - I have 4 active accounts elsewhere and 2 accounts that are now closed.

Now, in attempting to setup some new standing orders, and change how much goes to different accounts (as we can’t edit standing orders), I’m feeling somewhat crippled by the fact I’ve no idea which accounts I’m selecting to send money to, without getting to the confirmation page.

PLEASE can we have a really quick and easy fix of showing the account details on the list, or allowing us to provide a ‘display name’ of entries in the list? It’s just taken me far longer than it should’ve ever done to setup a new standing order to Marcus.


Multiple accounts from the same bank (not even same sort code) under a single contact really needs to be fixed.

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You can now

On test flight anyway

Would be nice if someone from monzo could give the little logos and sort codes within “contacts” a little bit of love? :eyes:

Surely this is just some database entries that could be done quite quickly? Could cut down on fraud and personal mistake? (Potentially at a push even help cut down chat queues)


Make sure you vote :point_up_2:t3:


Ohh i have… just felt like since its now a new year it was worth restating that this is something that could be a quick fix and have some actual business benefit

Yer and people have wanted this for ages now!

Come on monzo! :grin:


Can’t believe this still hasn’t been ‘fixed’. How come it’s taking so long?

I miss the old Monzo days when the company was just starting and they were paying attention to customer feedback and little details :frowning:

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Monzo priority remains ‘profitability’ as far as I know. As such, I doubt this is even being looked at.

What is in its place?

This is mental. Monzo beats Starling’s UX in many areas, but it falls so embarrassingly short here that even my legacy banks have a better payee management system than this. Seriously shocking, especially when you look at Starling’s payee management system, which is absolutely fantastic. Please get this sorted Monzo! I would’ve thought that this would be one of the most basic features for a banking app to get right. :confused: