Incorrect pin attempts but can't reactivate or unblock card at ATM abroad

Hi, so my partner was using my card by accident so he was putting in the wrong pin. This of course blocked it and now I can’t use my card. It says to unblock it by doing ’ pin services’ on the atm but we are travelling in Singapore and no ATMs have that option. Any advice on how I can use my card again? Thanks!

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The below article explains what to do. If you’re curious where I found this, I searched in the help section of the app for ‘blocked card’.

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I think that article is about unblocking access to the app, and not a locked debit card.

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Maybe :person_shrugging: However it is under ‘Monzo Card and PIN’

Edit: Looks like they have the exact same article retitled under different sections - here is the recovering your PIN one which has exactly the same steps:

pretty sure the only way to via an ATM to unblock a PIN on the card itself.

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Ah bummer I only have these options under card details

  1. Get a pin reminder
  2. See my card number
  3. See my card CVC
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Looks like the above only refers to the app based stuff not the physical card PIN for ATM and purchases etc.

I can’t remember if staff can unblock the pin from their side.