Wrong PIN issues, now can't unlock card


I mistakenly entered my pin wrong three times at an ATM on Wednesday thinking it was a different card (one of those days), so my card is blocked. The in-app suggestion is to go to an ATM and enter the correct pin, but this hasn’t worked.

Is the suggestion to just go to a random ATM, request cash with the card and the correct pin? I’m sure I have the right one now but this didn’t seem to work.

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I’ve had odd issues with the ATM at my workplace - where it was rejecting my PIN even through it matched the one in the app completely - I had to enable Magstripe ATM’s for it to be accepted, then it worked. it was weird, but give that a try, It was definitely a chip & PIN atm as they all are - had the same issue with Starling

go to help in app , type in recover PIN and press this button , to re verify your ID and you will get sent a new ( ? ) PIN


hello i cannot get into the app without entering 4 digit pin on the extra security keypad which i dont remember now locked out all customer service is saying login and get pin reminder how without punching in 4 digit code in first place?..:frowning:

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

multiple times and on 2 other devices never encountered anything like this online banking before…

Is this PIN in your device’s security settings?

I was thinking this :point_up_2: - there’s no pin entry to Monzo’s app unless you enable it, at which point it uses your device’s security settings (pin/biometrics), which you should know if you’ve just unlocked the phone to access the app.

Your monzo pin is only used for actual account related things (i.e a transfer).

sorted i did’nt wait for security screen check to finish i kept hitting okay straight away :roll_eyes:

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if you lock pin and then remember it, you can go to ATM to unlock it .
you’ll need to put the card in - put correct pin in then select
pin services the unlock pin.

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