Image Attachment API Display Delay

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #1

I’m having an issue using the image attach API. When I receive a payment notification and open the notification directly the image attachments don’t display immediately, I need to go back into the main transaction screen then into the the specific transaction for the images to display, see the video below:

Whereas, when I unlock the device and open Monzo from the homescreen then go into the transaction directly the image attachments display immediately, see video below:

Are you aware of any fixes ?

(Rika Raybould) #2

Not aware of any fixes but I would guess that this data is only refreshed when opening the transaction from the feed for whatever reason.

Tagging… @james or @jgarnham for comment!

(James Nicholson) #3

Thanks for the bug report! Have ticketed internally to keep track of it and hopefully get it fixed :slight_smile: Really appreciate the video repro steps :heart:

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #4

Thanks a lot for your help @RichardR! :smiley:

Much appreciated and if possible please keep me posted!

Pleasure :wink: