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I have had a current account since August, but only just added my card onto PayPal. I have made two payments in the past week and none of them are showing up in the Monzo app just yet! I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?


Hi Eddie :wave:

PayPal transactions via your Current Account (sort code and account number) are delayed, which kinda sucks. If you pay using using your card details (long number on the front of the card) they appear instantly.

I noticed this a few months ago, and I just use my card details to pay so I know my balance is bang up to date. I would imagine it’s a flaw in the way PayPal processes the payments.

I still have my bank account stored inside PayPal, incase I need to make a transfer back to my Monzo current account.

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Hmm, interesting! Thanks for the reply, how long have you seen payments delayed by so far? Just so I can roughly work out when they will be deducted from my balance.


If memory serves me well, it’s a bit varied (I think they may be processed in batches?) but allow a week.

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Okay! Good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

If only I could change the payment type of those two transactions :wink:


Transactions via the account are processed as a Direct Debit which is not instant. For instant feedback you need to put them through on your card.

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Just so other people know, both transactions went through now. Took exactly 7 days as mentioned above from the transaction date.

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