Monzo Chat - New Design (ish)

Think we should talk about the new Monzo chat layout, where you now have to chose an option and describe the issue before being transferred to an advisor.

Since you cannot add images now to help describe the issue it’s one of the main downsides of this improvement, as well as adding further information.

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This helps streamline the process for better journey improvement, and we can request images if we need them, though once you enter the chat it may actually show the attach button? Just not until you get to that stage.


I definitely had the option to attach photos a couple of weeks ago, that’s how I got my account reopened

Once the chat is actually engaged it should look like the old style and you should be able to send images that way.

It’s only the entry point that’s been designed so there’s potentially less transfers and unnecessary delays.

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It would also make good viewing for the customer if you like if they added a realistic waiting time such as “30-45 minutes” so it gives the customer a much better impression.


It would be nice to do this but normally the response is quite quick unless you end up in the wrong place :flushed:

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There is an image/file option. I even recall someone on here complaining about it because there didn’t used to be a confirmation before sending. and… now I’m back to chuckling to myself about what they accidentally sent :rofl: :speak_no_evil:


I presume that was never revealed?

Noodes presumably :joy:

There have been many questionable things sent in the chat… :melting_face: