I'm stuck - I've just joined, card hasn't arrived and card re-order button doesn't work


  • I ordered my card about a week ago, I’m now theoretically able to “Reorder card”, as the expected delivery window has passed.
  • However, tapping Re-order card does literally nothing, it appears that there’s a bug in the app
  • There’s no chat bot or way of contacting Monzo directly to get help via my app (I have a free account - evidently this is standard)
  • I have no other obvious way of contacting you or reordering a card.

This is not good for a bank with supposedly excellent customer service…

I’m fairly certain this has been reported previously; it seems there’s a disparity between the allowable time for delivery and the time for ordering a replacement, which means the reorder card button doesn’t appear to work. I’d give it a few more days.

NB. This is a customer forum, we are not Monzo employees.


I think this was introduced because of covid related postal delays


Oh, and as for the support. You’re supposed to use the support system in-app, but as a new customer you don’t have access to that yet. So if you don’t want to wait you can always email them directly via help@monzo.com (I think that’s the right email) from the email you used to register your account.


(gonna be getting myself some of that sweet sweet COps moolah at this rate) :money_mouth_face:


I too thought that the re-order button only works after a certain amount of days past the expected delivery date. This is so that you don’t just keep ordering loads of new cards because there has been a slight delay for whatever reason.

As for support, I thought new customers could access this too?

While you’re waiting your new card I thought you had access to the app and the tabs across the bottom of the screen. You just can’t use most of them until you activate your card, but ‘help’ should still be there?

It has been a long time since I did this so I could be wrong :sweat_smile:

I think from other topics I’ve seen that if you’re a new customer you’re kept on a holding page that shows the timescale for card delivery with “activate card” and “reorder card” options shown only. Once you get a card and activate it you can get into your account proper.


I’m experiencing a similar issue. My Joint Account card expiry is looming and I got a notification in-app to order a replacement, which I did. I was shown a delivery date of ‘by Sunday 25th July’

Sunday came and went without any card delivery… now the feed item shows:

and when I tap on the feed item to reorder, I can’t reorder. Instead, I’m given a new, different delivery window:

So there’s some elastic-band type timeframe involved with sending cards out at the mo. Monzo knew I hadn’t activated it by the initial delivery date, so it may be automatic that Monzo then extend by a week to cover any postal delays? I certainly can’t reorder another card yet anyway - only activate at this stage (when the card arrives)

It’s not urgent, yet, so I’ll wait this one out.



Replacement JA :monzocard: card arrived today. Tapped on ‘Activate Card’ in-app, followed instructions and tapped card on back of phone to activate via NFC - card updated in-app instantly and card details in Google Pay updated automatically after a couple of minutes.

Smooth :ok_hand:

The old card was made by Tag Systems. The new one is from Idemia and is now a ‘world debit’ card. It is more of a ‘hot’ coral colour than the original. Difficult to make out on photos, but in real life the old card looks more dull. It could be colour fade or because the white has rubbed off the raised digits, but the new colour overall is much brighter. Mastercard logo has lost the ‘mastercard’ text and the contactless logo has been moved to the back of the card too.


Lost card, ordered replacement yesterday morning, replacement arrived today.

20/20 to all involved.

Thank you much appreciated.


Can you post another picture? The numbers are all blurry. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just can’t get the focus to work properly on these damn hot coral cards…