IFTTT Triggers Creating notification badges on app

Issue: When IFTTT Triggers go off it creates a notification badge and it can get a bit annoying it’s only recently been happening with the past few builds with TestFlight and Normal Issued Builds

Details to reproduce: Try running the penny challenge or reverse penny challenge trigger to replicate this or any of the pot triggers.
OS: 13.6.1
Device: XS Max
App Version: 3.47.1

Screenshots: None at the moment will get one when it happens again.

Hasn’t it always been like this?

I have an IFTTT to move £1 when I spend. I just did two transactions. I had two push notifications on my phone like I’d expect but the badge is four, I’m sure it’s always done this.

As in the Monzo app is showing badge numbers not the IFTTT app I don’t even get the notifications from there anymore despite it being turned on it’s been broken on that side for me a while with me.

Yeah, Monzo app had a little four on it.

My IFTTT notifications are in notification centre but never pop up. That might just be my settings.

I’m not even lucky enough to have that option on the IFTTT front as it’s not showing on notification centre despite deleting and reinstalling a few times.

As the the Monzo app with IFTTT properly same issue as mine I don’t mind it but it makes you think you’ve got a notification when in reality you don’t.