Notifications since yesterday’s update

Since the latest update to 2.13.0, every time I buy something, I’m getting random notifications on the app. Just now I made a purchase and had the number ‘19’ (as in there are 19 notifications on the app waiting for me). When opening the app there’s nothing apart from the one notification for the purchase I had just made.

Yesterday I made a single purchase and had ‘34’ on the app. Same thing, opened it and there’s the one notification for the purchase I’ve just made.


Just me?


I get a number double what it should be. Jealous of your 34 :joy:

It’s a known and frequently reported issue

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Well, just now I only spent 50p and got 19, so no idea what that is/was for?!

reinstall again and see if that helps

Tried a reinstall yesterday :-1:t2:

I’ve had the badge’s number be wrong for weeks now to be honest. It’s only single digits though, but it says like 4 or 5 when I make a single transaction.

I’ve had this issue for a while now too - whenever I make a purchase the Monzo app badge turns to 7 - Maybe this is all as a result of what happens in the background (IFTTT, Round up etc?) but hopefully it gets fixed soon as I always think that there were actually 7 things that happened on my account!

I’ve seen this before but since 3.13.1 on Android they’ve been thankfully absent so might be fixed now?

Definitely not fixed on iOS :frowning: