IFTTT Notifications on Monzo app when triggers go off

Issue: Badge notifications when IFTTT triggers go off

Details to reproduce: Run the 1p challenge and Reverse 1p challenge to see if you get the same result

OS: 14.3

Device: iPhone XS Max

App Version: 3.63.1

Screenshots: None available at the moment when it happens

Isn’t that a setting in IFTTT when you create the applet?

You get the notifications from the IFTTT App when the applet runs that’s fine but the Monzo app gets two badges like you’ve spent something it never used to do it only recently.

Ohh sorry I misread.

I haven’t used mine for a while (will do in Jan) but I’m fairly sure I didn’t get a notification that money had been added to my pot :thinking:

@BritishLibrary setup the reverse 1p challenge the other day and was discussing it with Monzo. I’m sure he will be able to tell you whether he received one :slight_smile:

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Not to worry let me know how you get on as well and hopefully it can be sorted as it’s just odd getting a badge on the Monzo app for adding money automatically to a pot.

It’s always done this?

Not that I was aware of only recently happened giving badges on the Monzo app but IFTTT always sent a notification when an applet ran so that’s normal.

Hmm I generally turn badge notifications off. See my Email app with 124947829578309 unread emails…

Let me see what happens tomorrow, but I’d expect a badge notification for this?

In the same way that if you set up a recurring pot transfer in app, it becomes a badge while it’s “unread” in the feed?

In that sense I guess it does make sense maybe I’m just getting a bit annoyed by it will see what happens :slight_smile: thanks guys for all the responses.

I have two different IFTTT for moving money and both of them leave a badge.


Perfect that’s it then it leaves a badge thought it was mine playing up glad that’s solved itself.

When I used the challenges back in the early part of the year it always left a Monzo notification for mine as well.

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Thanks bud might of just been over looking it just glad I know it’s meant to be there thought it was a bug but luckily it’s not.

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