Notification Badge Bug

Issue: When you get a notification it’s showing up as 3 or 4 but really it’s only 1

Details to reproduce: Have a trigger set or even just do a normal transaction
OS: 15.4.1
Device: iPhone XS Max
App Version: 4.28.0

Screenshots: None ATM

Do you have IFTTT set up?

I do indeed but this wasn’t even for an IFTTT trigger this time :frowning:

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I had this the other day with a purchase, I received two notifications for the same thing. I thought I was imagining it, but this confirms I wasn’t :slight_smile:


I’m getting the same issue. It is like my notifications are adding up. The badge is shows notifications number, I open the app and when I’ve finished the badge number will disappear. The when I get another notification(s) that number gets added to the previous ones and the badge is showing the combined number.

So I woke this morning and my notifications badge was 66. Opened the app notifications cleared. I used my card a couple of times, plus there was some pot transfers and now the badge says 73.



Y’all complaining about too many badges.

I can’t replicate this because I haven’t had any badges for my Monzo notifications in quite a while. Possibly over a year. The option is turned on in settings, the app has been reinstalled numerous times (have to do it a few times a week because of the crashing bug that bricks the app when my phone dies).

Did report the badge issue to Monzo, but it’s never been fixed.

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Seems to be whenever there is one new transaction the number of pending transactions (direct debits for after the bank holiday, for example) are also counted too.

iOS 15.4.1
Monzo app 4.28.0 #824


There is indeed a bug here - it’s been broken all weekend

Affecting both me and a friend - both using iOS

Also having this bug, notification badge showing 7 regardless of how many transactions have happened.

iOS version 15.5

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Same issue here. Whenever I get a new transaction it’s pulling in previous notifications.

iOS 15.4.1
Monzo 4.29.0

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Same (iPhone 12 Pro), but I’m still not experiencing this. I have the opposite bug where I’m not getting badges at all. But I’d rather mine than yours. This bug would irritate me.

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I’m getting the same thing - notifications stacking. They clear when I go into the app but reappear a little later.

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I’m getting a large (50+, 70+) number on the badge but it comes and goes unexpectedly.

Is it acknowledged by Monzo team as a problem?

They’ll know all about it.

It would be nice if this kind of post got acknowledged… this forum is the official way to report bugs.

(Edit: Oops, thread resurrection, sorry.)

I’m not sure on the management side of the community and what goes where and to who, but I will raise this and see if someone’s already working on a fix or similar :crossed_fingers:t3:

It won’t be the fastest of replies and I’m not on til 12 :sweat_smile:

Mine seems to have resolved. But this will probably jinx it.

Same here mines resolved itself over time

Hey hey, so I’ve raised this as mentioned, it looks like a fix was put in place a few weeks back, as notably some of you have noticed this has resolved itself.

If there’s any further issues, respond here, but all should be well :blush:


Thank you so much for checking it out for us :blush: