Ifttt 1p & Reverse 1p challenges

Now ifttt have removed the ability to use their service to run the applets for the 1p challenges & reverse 1p challenges unless you pay a subscription, it would be great if the devs could have this set up in the app without the need for 3rd party. These & other savings applets helped me so much with microsaving it’s such a shame can’t use it now on the free tier

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The website says you can have two for free?

You can have two applets indeed for free. However the ones that do the challenges are multilayered & need a pro subscription apparently

The app will still show it connected but if you go in to view the history it will show the recent ones as failed

My 1p was moved by IFTTT today without error. The IFTTT history shows no errors either?

(I’m on a free sub, not on a pro sub)

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