IFTTT for Joint accounts

I’d love to hear more about it

So sad I just came back to ask this same question and the answer is still the same

Come on MONZO! Get this to happen!

Just came across IFTTT as a way to allow you to “pay” someone specific from a specific pot. Sounded great! Downloaded it to find it doesn’t let me specify my monzo account. Only allows 1 monzo account (more with pro+?) and no option to choose joint account over my personal one. Very frustrating. I never use my personal account, only my joint account and IFTTT/monzo not letting you choose your joint account is just stupid, frankly.

A good while ago now IFTTT massively stripped everything back and packaged it all under their premium service.

It wasn’t the best before, but now it’s pretty useless and given Monzo haven’t invested any efforts in it for even longer it would seem they’re in agreement.