IFTTT type functionality

I would love to see something like IFTTT ( If this then that) functionality built into the app. A simple , query builder that we could use ourselves to fill any gaps in functionality or enhance our own experiences.

For Example I would to be able to say

If - I get paid by [xxxx] between dates [28-31]
then - move all existing balance to [savings pot]

Or for example

If- I purchase from [tesco] between 12pm and 2pm
then mark category as lunch
else. mark category as groccery

thanks :slight_smile:

So that would be absolutely awesome, however… what you describe is basically a DSL (domain specific languale) for money. I remmber one of the early employee-founders (SimonVC) talking about exactly this. In fact, I believe he built out the existing, though now much unloved, IFTTT integration with this kind of thing in mind. You can see how this can go horribly wrong though. You can set up rules with any amount of arbitrary complexity. You could accidentally move things to places they’re not expected to go, and cause payments to fail from your account. And managing any DSL, providing debugging / test envs and all the nuanced documentation is a huge job, especially when your user is at the customer level.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love this too and I have a bunch of use-cases ready to roll if they ever did it, but I severely doubt that it’s ever going to be worth it for Monzo on a cost-benefit basis given the effort of implementation, potential problems, and narrow set of customers who would use it in the first place. Perhaps you can hack what you need together with the current IFTTT stuff and or the API?

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