New category?

How about creating a separate Category for IFTTT posts? Then anyone who does not want to get too techie and program interactions with their account can easily mute all threads?

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Do you really think that’s necessary? I don’t see an onslaught of IFTTT threads coming. Besides, maybe you’ll spot something you could find useful.


I can’t believe we’re calling IFTTT “too techie”. What has this world become… :sob:


I just have had many queries about it in the last few days from people that seem daunted about it 🤷🏼‍so I have tried to explain it but some just don’t want to hear :hear_no_evil::rofl:


What, were these people asking these questions on the Monzo forum? Was it not Starling’s thread? Personally, I don’t have a fintech background (I’m a lit/ cultural studies student) so I see a lot of tech-y/ financial stuff on the forum that I don’t understand- I usually just skim read and skip to a different thread.

I think most people filter by “latest” if they are frequent visitors to the forum, so while there could be a specific category for IFTTT for navigation purposes this probably wouldn’t be why it was added. I think @Rat_au_van and some of the staff are doing a really good job at helping to keep the feedback/ idea threads tidy though so I don’t expect a huge boom in IFTTT topics :blush:

IFTTT may seem a little confusing at first but it’s easy to use after some exploring. If I can figure it out, I’m sure you could point them in the right direction :blush: and they can always wait for native pot rules if they don’t want to hear anything about it. Kieran did say that watching which integrations were most popular would also help inform decisions on which would make it into the Monzo app itself.


No not on forums. Emails, texts, WhatsApp, Skype, from Monzo, Fidor and Starling users I know, or people I met at fintechs workgroups. I think most of them are too embarrassed to openly ask on a public forum in case they appear stupid :wink:


Agree so much with these two points!


Aww I think there should be no shame in asking questions on a public forum- that’s where you get your questions answered/ discuss things you might not know in-depth. For everything else, there’s always Google.

It’s difficult to explain IFTTT if the person doesn’t even bother trying to download the app. Let them explore it on their own- it has lots of potential, but I think one barrier is definitely affording all the fancy devices and smart home tech- I wish I could do more with the app, but I’m limited to a few. Nearly impulse bought a fitbit because iOS Health doesn’t have triggers :weary: was inspired by this post


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