Automated Rules

Hi guys, new to Monzo Community forums. But I just thought of an idea. It would be good to set rules for Monzo Pots. EG if a certain person sends you money, 20% is automatically routed to a Pot called Tax.

Would be really useful

There are lots of rules you can do to move money to pots, both inside and outside of Monzo.

Have you read about IFTTT?

If you specifically want a tax pot then I believe business accounts do this for you too :slight_smile:

ooohf - thank you for that. was not aware Monzo was partnered with IFTTT. Twill look into that right away. Yeah I heard business accounts can do that. eagerly waiting for my waiting list email :wink:

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I’d love some native rules. That way I don’t need to share anything with IFTTT and we’d hopefully get some more sophisticated rules that you can’t do with a third party (like transferring money externally).

I thought that there was an idea for this but can’t see one - if there is, let me know and I’ll merge them!

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