Additional savings challenges for Plus/Premium members! 💰

With the, lets say, steady fall of IFTTT use since going to a payment model, Monzo integrating their own savings challenges etc would be more appealing now.

Roundups are good and advanced roundups is a nice touch for Plus/Premium but having options to do a 1p Savings Challenge and other challenges inside Monzo are now more appealing.

Or even making it so Monzonauts can create their own similar to IFTTT and share them.

Wanna save £1 every time Monzo Tweets, sure we can do that.


Just to clarify. Monzonauts are staff :wink:


So you want Monzo to recreate an incredibly limited IFTTT?

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Seen it used for both but the technicalities don’t matter.

Not necessarily, just add a few things you could do over there natively inside Monzo - I doubt many people even know about IFTTT integrations since it’s not promoted.

If they made it so users could create and share their own, then yeah I guess it would be considered that.

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It was a term the community came up to refer to the community but that was before they stole it

Oh yeah so it was!

Surely not recently. It rarely gets mentioned at all these days

Job listings.

They are not going to hire someone for IFTTT

That wasn’t the point at all…. We’re on about the term Monzonaut.

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This part?

Help other staff across the business?


How do we continue to offer outstanding service to all of our Monzonauts

Does it really matter?

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To me no, but you seemingly want to continue digging yourself deeper into a hole.

I only brielfy mentioned it to help people who read your suggestion understand it a little better :see_no_evil:


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This would be cool to have built in-app, and can imagine lots of people would try it out without needing to rely on IFTTT.

Not too sure on this part though, especially with Twitter wanting to charge for API use it might be too costly and gimmicky for monzo to implement? IFTTT already has a wealth of third parties already available.

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that’s a good point