What happened to IFTTT?


When IFTTT first came to my attention around 2 years ago with Monzo it was amazing, now it’s not so much. A lot of the Monzo command things like save x per day etc now don’t actually work and when I activate it and choose my savings pot it shows 0. Unless it will still work but I had some scheduled for this morning between 3-8 am and only 1 worked.

It’s still working for me :man_shrugging: Although not that specific one, but I have 2 other savings challenges working away.

There’s a limit imposed by IFTTT on how many applets you can have now before paying. Have you hit this limit?

Also… Is that a 3rd party savings pot? Maybe that has a difference?

It’s a Monzo one, so either made by Monzo or someone in particular.

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What type of pot is it that you’re trying to get it to add money to?

I’ve not seen the “Make it your own” button before on these - wonder if that’s a change that’s prompted something?

As far as I know, any applets you find through the “Discover” page should be published and therefore not count to your 3 limit.

It’s possible that this applet is made by someone, who isn’t on Premium / a “proper” publisher, and therefore the app has been disabled. I think that has happened to a few of mine.

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