Help with the 1p Savings Challenge IFTTT

Hi All,

Nice to e-meet you all! I am new here and fairly new to Monzo.

I’m looking to set up the 1p savings challenge and have linked my account with IFTTT. However, nothing seems to be moving across?

I’ve searched the old topics on this forum and it would appear that I need to transfer the initial amount? Can anyone explain this for me please?

Thank you in advance!


The money moves at 8am. When did you set it up?

I think you only need to transfer if you want to catch up with what’s been added since January the first. Setting it up now doesn’t start from 1p as it’s day 2?? In the year so £2 something will be moved at 8am

Thanks for responding so quickly Emma! I set it up on Friday but it didn’t seem to work so have set it up again today and checked all the details are correct. Would it be wise to wait until after 8am?

Yes, maybe you’ve already fixed it :grin:

Been ages since I used it but I think there’s a test applet button somewhere. Try it and see if it connects

Have you gone through this screen and set the pot?

Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 15.47.52