1p savings challenge failed this morning

As the topic says…
I have this set up with IFTTT and it’s been working fine, transferring at 8 am all year, yet today nothing has happened. There are funds available. I have a second savings IfTTT scheme set up at 9 am and this has worked this morning…
Any ideas folks? Am I alone? What to do?

Login to IFTTT see if it had switched itself off. Happens sometimes.

Thank you. It wasn’t switched off so I turned it off myself and then switched it back on, which seems to have sorted it.

IFTTT can be flakey.

Does anyone know if the 1p challenge will recommence automatically on 1st January or do I have to manually restart it?

It should happen automagically


I added this applet to my IFTTT yesterday. All my other Monzo IFTTTs are working fine but this one has not done anything yet. Does anyone know what time the 1p challenge is supposed to fire?
Any tips get it going?

Over the past two days for me it has fired at 8am

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There’s a test connection option

Try that and see if it’s ok

Tap the challenge and then the cog top right, scroll down to check now

Cheers for the advice. It eventually fired at 1pm. I’m not sure if it was another Monzo applet firing that kicked it into gear but hopefully it’s fine now.

What time zone have you got it set to?

It was set to Edinburgh time, which was both correct and incorrect at the same time. But still odd it would not fire until one o’clock.

That’s the one I use and it goes at 8am :thinking:

Hopefully it’ll sort itself out :crossed_fingers: