IFTTT 1p Challenge Offset Date

Hello, I’m looking for someone that might be able to help me write filter code for IFTTT.

I want to do the 1p challenge, but I want to offset the start date to 1 November, this is so when the year “ends” my savings are available to me for Christmas. So on 1st November I save 1p, on 2nd November 2p and so on, through to saving £3.65 on 31 October the year after the challenge starts.

I couldn’t find anyway to do it and I’m not a coder so wouldn’t know where to start with the filters.

For the existing 1p challenges set up in IFTTT they all seem to begin on 1st January and you can’t change the start date.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: :grinning:

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From memory of dabbling with the filter code before, I think it just takes the julian date (aka 1 for jan 1, 365 for dec 31) and inputs that straight to the “Value” formula.

The “Reverse” one, I think does 366-Day to do the reverse.

So I think you’d need an if statement of some kind, to the effect of.

If Day >= 305 ; aka 1st Nov in Julian Dates
   ValueToTransfer = 305 - Today
   ValueToTransfer = Today + 60
End If

Or something to that effect.

I did a bit of dabbling with IFTTT filter code, will see if I can make something in the right syntax, but I may have deleted my account so tbc!

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Thank you so much, that’s really helpful

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I have only just noticed that this for whatever reason has stopped working as of April 10th

Maybe not the right thread, but I couldn’t find a more relevant one

I just had a look on /r/ifttt and users from around April 10th are reporting that their free accounts now only let them run 1 single applet, rather than the three historically.

Not clear if that’s intentional or a bug, but I assume the behaviour will have turned off an integration.

Might be worth a check in your applets page to see what it’s showing.

It shows ‘Pro+’ next to the Applet - but I think I have Pro, when IFTTT became paid, I got in at the “Early price” £1 a month for Ifttt Pro - I only have the 1p and £1 weekly challenge active (I can’t turn them off either)

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No! Just no! :weary: except I can’t because I’m not Pro+…

I have asked Monzo to sort it out as it’s only some of their applets that need pro+, so it’s something they’ve chosen to do


Ahh it’s this:

A good number of Monzo applets use Filter Code to Do The Thing. So not a conscious Monzo choice to put behind a higher paywall, but a ‘feature’ of the design of the applet.

I think they’ve come out with Pro+ relatively recently, and it therefore screws over everyone who was on Pro as some of the features available are now in the Pro+ tier.

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Ah, that makes sense… :frowning:

Well, it was fun while it lasted, I may as well save £1 a month then

I’m not using IFTTT for anything else

I can’t access Reddit at work, so thank you for checking it

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