The 1p Daily Challenge 2019

Happy New Year Team,

So tonight is your chance to set up the Daily 1p savings challenge through IFTTT for 2019! Is anyone taking on in the challenge?

To those who did the challenge last year, how did it work out for you and what are you gonna spend your £667.97 on? :moneybag::moneybag:


I started towards the end of the year so only managed a £100 or so quid.

Unsure if I’ll do it again or not as I already save from my salary every month.

I started in June Last year, but I have been doing it manually everyday :sweat_smile:, I’m keen to set um an automated process. I figured any savings would be an nice smartphone upgrade in 2020.

I’m going to do the £1 challenge. £1 week 1, £2 week 2 etc and it’s going into a locked pot til Black Friday which I’ve already set up. Should be £1081. Not sure if there’s a IFTTT for that

Don’t like my balance not being rounded so the 1p challenge would annoy me :grin:


I think there is actually, :+1:

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I started it when it was first mentioned and did it manually then switched it to IFTTT.

I am guessing no adjustments will be needed to move to 2019?


Here is all the IFTTT variants to consider in time for the new year!



I don’t think it will need to be adjusted, though I assume it will start back at 1p, right?



Unless you do the reserve challenge which would mean saving more at the beginning of the year and keeping it small during Nov/December when spending is traditionally higher :slight_smile:

Excellent, just turned that on :boom:

I be doing 1p and £1 a day tings

Why manually? Just set the challenge off in IFTTT and it does it for you?

I’m going to do the reverse 1p Challenge. I will probably need to reduce the amount I invest in my ISA first few months but won’t harm having some more cash holdings. Is anyone locking their pot? I should but won’t!

I’m debating doing the reverse :thinking:

I just spent some of last year’s :see_no_evil:



I started the challenge in June which meant I would start by saving around 1.71 per day rather than starting at 1p. I think the IFTTT uses the day of the year to determine how much to save per day.

I would like the £1 challenge in reverse … :thinking:

@kieranmch pretty please :heart::hot_coral_heart:


Tried it last year and had a panic at 2am one day why 1p left my account…


sounds good. i’ve turned it on.