If you haven't moved over, what's stopping you from making Monzo your main bank?

I have not moved fully over because Monzo only offer a basic current account service right now so I use it like I used the prepaid card.

My finances are governed by 2 current accounts:

  • 1 current account for my salary and bills/direct debits/standing orders and
  • 1 current account as a weekly spending account (and I have a standing order weekly to this account from my other).

I kept these with my legacy account because I don’t use my legacy account debit card and if Monzo became my billing account I wouldn’t use Monzo day-to-day which I wanted to do.

Whilst pots were a start at separating money, I would still need to manually move money to my non-pot Monzo account to pay direct debits etc. Until Monzo introduce 2nd accounts/pot sort codes and account numbers or the ability to put money aside to automatically pay bills, I will keep my legacy account.


I have moved over as of today actually. (Yay me!) Will it be my main account? Sadly no. The overdraft fees are too expensive sadly. For a throwaway account it will do just fine.

Maybe me using the term throwaway account was a bit harsh. What I meant was it will probably always be a secondary account. Always the bridesmaid never the bride.

On another note the NFC activation was REALLY cool. :grinning:


Not a rule. 3D-Secure is being developed and should be ready in Q1.
Coinbase for instance uses 3D-Secure.

My current bank has a large Overdraft which Monzo wont offer - I dont want another overdraft over my head.
Also I other important reasons not to move - So Need to keep my options open… But Monzo is looking promising and i may consider making it my permanent home

Also Android Pay As Well… My understanding is that it hasnt been rolled out yet

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Paying in cash and Apple Pay


I paid a cheque in not long ago and used a regular address with stamps, is this a new thing?

Fairly recent

If you are sent any cheques over Christmas (lucky you!) you can pay them into your Monzo account.

Just write your Monzo account number clearly on the back of the cheque, in the top left corner. You can find your account number in the Account tab in your app.

Then all you need to do is send them to us at

Monzo HQ
230 City Road

Just pop it in the post – no need to add a stamp! :love_letter:


Comes under Invitation to Treat. A retailer does not have to sell to you if they don’t want to.
It is up to that retailer what measures they have in place. They are not declining Monzo, they are declining the fact it doesn’t have 3D-Secure as it is an extra authentication step.

But they are accepting the card…but are declining the transaction under Invitation to Treat (A law within Contract Law) which is the 3D-Secure part. The retailer has every right to do this.
By saying they should accept regardless would be the same as a fraudulent card being used. They accept the card, but declining because of a security measure.

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Lack of Apple Pay, lack of international transfers, lack of joint accounts, lack of functionality in pots, lack of proper statements (for mortgages)

I think you are completely missing the point. No one has said it isn’t a valid card nor legal or illegal. @Bruce has said his gripe is it doesn’t yet have 3D secure.
Retailers, whoever they may be, have the right to refuse a transaction. If they wish to use an extra authentication method. That it is their choice. They can accept and refuse a transaction as fit (No card type mentioned).
Nor is going against the rules as they are accepting MasterCard, but CoinBase for instance decline the card as it doesn’t have 3DSecure on the card merchant side. It would be against the rules for just flat out declining Monzo cards.
I remember years ago in the early 3DSecure days, you had to create a password to use 3DSecure payment methods. The banks had to support that, so you done it when paying for something. If you didn’t create one or had the wrong password it would decline the transaction.

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joint accounts


I’m sorry that sure wasn’t the intent. I was trying to clarify what was needed. I’ll delete my posts.

There, posts related to acceptance issues deleted. Sorry!

If its not supported in the backend, like Chip & Sign (which happened to me in Portland) it can’t go through. Same as 3Dsecure. It’s as simple as that.

Android pay is available on the current account, on the pre pay account it will never be available.

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In fairly random order, it’s the lack of the following features:

  • joint account
  • International payments
  • paper statements
  • online banking
  • cheque acceptance other than through the mail
  • pin / password / fingerprint lock for the app

I consider the 1st five absolutely crucial core-banking features, and cannot accept a bank account without these for anything else than odd transactions here and there… (and before someone else says this: yes, I can’t wait for the day when paper statements and cheques die in a lake of fire, but we are not there yet, and on my own I’m not going to change that, however much I wish I could.)


SERIOUSLY?! I thought it wasnt lol…
Well ill be damned xd

I love what Monzo offer :slight_smile:

I believe I pay something like 18% APR on HSBC for a planned OD. I sometimes use a couple hundred quid for last few days before my salary comes in which ends up costing me <£1. With Monzo, this small use of an OD will cost a few pound.


For me, this pretty much sums it up for me:

Aside from this, I think not being able to have official monzo bank statement as a form of proof of address. I also wish the Android app was more secure (fingerprint scanner) but I understand this feature is on its way.

Apart from the above, I absolutely love my monzo account and for the first time in my life I was EXCITED to start using it and spread the word about it. It’s made life far easier and I can’t wait to see Monzo’s future state. I would say it’s just a matter of time before it becomes my main account in all aspects of my personal banking.

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But also having Android Fingerprint reader protection would be great.
If they are programming it in then great but it would equal nationwide for me if it could add that too.

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