Anyone Else struggling to let go of their OLD bank

I have 4 active and a few relatively inactive current accounts.

Salary has to go into one of them to keep my premier status, but it then gets split into the others for various jobs. Credit cards come out of another with a big free overdraft, bills out of a cashback account and then everyday stuff from monzo.

Mix and match is the way!

I haven’t no - Anything I’ve done so far has been manual - maybe I’ll take another look when CASS lands

Cheers for your input everyone - it’s really interesting to read other peoples views and how they are using their accounts.

I was doing that with a Natwest Rewards account.

Since I’ve recently trimmed all my bills down to start saving money, the cashback didn’t beat the monthly fee, so I’ve started closing the other accounts.

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yeah I make about £35 a year on the cashback - can’t decide if I should just close it, but as it’s all set up I may as well leave it for now.

Yeah I made about the same in cashback, with the bonus of included phone insurance.

I liked being able to just put £500 in each month and leave it for the bills without worrying I’d spend it by mistake.

By trying to budget better, I need the money to come out of fewer accounts to improve my self control over spending. When I was separating money into different places, I was left with spending money that I would always use up. Personally I want to see a balance grow, not just have a bit left in an account and then spend it because it’s there.

I keep my Lloyds account open because I can’t be bothered to go to a branch and close it and I keep my santander account purely for the student overdraft and when my cards fail very occasionaly.

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For as long as Monzo don’t allow cash deposits, provide interest on your balance, and for many iOS users provide Apple Pay, I think the concept of going ‘full Monzo’ is unrealistic.

I think having multiple current accounts isn’t a bad idea regardless anyway.


I’ve already mentioned why I still use my legacy account as my main account.


Unfortunately :cry: Mortgage 29 years to go

No struggles at all… Closing down my accounts elsewhere and will soon only be banking with Monzo.

I find it so simple and easy to use and the customer service so far has been 2nd to none. I have banked (and worked) for a number of retail banks but Monzo delivers what I want, exactly in the way I need it

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Can’t you close the account and just pay the mortgage by direct debit?

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I use :monzo: as my main bank however I transfer the majority of money from my NatWest account. Only kept it for the NatWest rewards for cash back and to deposit coins :slight_smile: #problemsofgoingtogetlunchinamarketbuttheyonlyacceotcash

I don’t think Monzo has to be your only bank account. A separate bank might be useful if you still receive cheques or an account with a credit card to build up credit history/ make certain payments from.

I still have my Santander account but I’m waiting for CASS with Monzo so I can get switched over entirely. I would keep it open but it costs me £5/ month and I barely use it at all. Maybe you could use your account for various switching bonuses other banks use eg at Halifax/ Natwest and earn some money too?


My NatWest account is staying open simply so it’s there in case I ever need it such as needing to pay with cheque or pay in cheques or cash, then promptly moving to Monzo.

I’ve even moved money from Monzo to NatWest so I can use Apple Pay… :wink:

Not a case of struggling to let go, but just more practical keeping it around.

But I’m essentially “full Monzo” with salary and bills all now moved across. Was going to wait for CASS and it took a few hours to move everything over manually and more phone calls than it should do in this day and age (half expected most companies to allow you to change bank details online, but no such luck). Was well worth it though.

I just couldn’t bear the constant lack of clarity with NatWest anymore. Contactless payments appearing days after I made them, no itemised visibility of recent transactions etc. and the extortionate fees.

One of the last transactions that left my NatWest account was for 67p. That happened because I only had £14.32 in my PayPal account and my family Spotify subscription was taken from there. Because I didn’t keep an eye out on my NatWest account for a day, I missed that this 67p transaction put me below £0.00 and so it was returned unpaid. That mistake cost me £8 in fees. I’m still fighting that one but because I’d had some charges refunded this quarter already they’re refusing to refund the £8. I partly suspect a certain amount of vindictiveness on their part because they know I’ve moved everything away :roll_eyes: Either that or I just spoke to a jobs worth, but we’ll see.

Anyway, old bank? Good riddance.


No, I’m not struggling at all - I’m very happy with my “old” bank accounts, particularly Barclays: An app full of features; a branch nearby to deposit the occasional cash or cheque; multiple, very efficient ways of contact should I need to (phone, in-app chat, email, branch - well, branch isn’t efficient …); £12 per months cashback; send and receive international payments, should I need to; a joint account. I have absolutely no desire of letting go of all that :slight_smile:


No struggling to close it at all, I did it immediately when Starling got CASS. Halifax - Bunch of :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: .

I never ordered a Starling Card so have to reach for my monzo card every time. And occasionally my Monese Euro card…

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I recently just left HSBC, current account and credit card completely closed! Im just about to come up second month of having my salary paid into my monzo.

I was a little hesitant about moving everything across to monzo having been with legacy banks since I was probably around 12 years old. However one annoying phone call with a HSBC customer service agent (can’t remember my query but I hadn’t used telephone banking in years and couldn’t remember all of the countless stupid passwords they make you use, I was told that I would have to visit a branch (over 3 miles away) with ID to change the password and then they could help with my query. What a waste of time:roll_eyes: Promptly cut up both of my HSBC cards and set about changing my direct debits over.

Unfortunately the CASS service was available when I switched, however 8 direct debits equalled 2 1/2 hours on the phone to switch over. Worth while expense if you ask me!

Now the main reason for me switching was to save more money and have more active control over it. So the number just coming up to my whole second my pay day. In one month I have over £30 pounds in my coin jar and have saved a extra £120 on top of what I had already planned to. For me the pure amount of extra money Im able to save far outways the benefits that any legacy bank is able to offer me from offers or cashback. For any really big purchases I still have my American Express which has healthy rewards compared to my previous HSBC credit card.

I would just advise anyone to take the plunge and change everything over. One happy customer Monzo switcher :smile:


I keep it just because every now and again my monzo card is not accepted. Coventry Building Society ATMs dont accept it (which is a shame as I live in Coventry) and I found a Pay-at-pump at Morrisons that didnt as well (which when your using it as it 24 hour and cant pay at the kiosk becomes an issue). I think its just a comfort thing - not sure what Monzo need to do to ensure its always accepted.

Also, I have Apple Pay on my old account - useful in the gym when i want a shake - dont have to take my card with me - can use my phone to purchase.

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