If you haven't moved over, what's stopping you from making Monzo your main bank?

the only reason I haven’t is I’m living in Australia, have my current account set up and have my card here in Aus though :smiley:

  • Apple Pay
  • Receiving money from overseas
  • Overdraft
  • Sticky payment references
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Web interface and joint accounts.

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The main things that put me off are inertia - the thought of having to switch all my DD’s - I have 20-30 - and more importantly the fact that I would get a message every time a DD was paid out which would dilute the impact of just having a set weekly top-up to use for my day-to-day non-DD expenditure. By running this weekly way I find it easy to control this sort of expense. Mixed in with DD’s I feel I’d never be able to keep track.

No joint accounts. Being a married couple both 71 years old the difficulties in accessing funds before probate is given is a big negative.


I hadn’t thought about that! I’ve just set up 10 direct debits! Oops.

Being able to exclude certain categories of spending from the monthly “spending” totals (and from the notifications) would keep my totals clean: Spend tracking and exemptions

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Lack of integration with third party budgeting apps.

I use PocketSmith to help me budget and visualise my finances. It has a rock-solid integration with HSBC so I’m keeping most of my money there for now.


Hi, the reason I have not swapped is I like the fact I have a hard stop on my spending on the prepaid card.

My reasons:
Lack of Apple Pay
Lack of auto representment of DDs same day
Lack of SEPA payments
Lack of retention of payment references previously used
Overdraft charging model
Lack of interest

I’m hoping most of those will be addressed in the coming months and I can reconsider


I enjoy the notification of DDs because I’m one of those people that check their bank on DD days to check its gone ok. :joy:


Sending photo of passport via app.
I’m not comfortable sharing the other than annotated hardcopy.
Just a security thing.

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I haven’t fully switched due to better 0% overdraft for the first £250 with First Direct and because I haven’t been bothered to switch all my direct debits (CASS would be good :+1:)

Whenever I’ve verified myself in a branch they’ve taken my doc to the back and done lord knows what with it then come back and said “I’ve sent that off for you”. Assuming this is getting copied and faxed to an office? I think (perhaps growing up with computers, or perhaps just being naive?) I trust Monzo far more than a branch teller to keep my data secure.

Not saying your feelings are wrong (they are right, just adding my 2p!)


I have a lot of DD’s so am waiting for the 7 day switching to be available.
Overdraft wise I would like the first £250 to be free and an arranged one above that only charged at an agreed % rate if used. I don’t like the daily usage fees.

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It may or may not help with your own peace of mind, but the photo is not stored on the phone and is sent securely to Monzo who have a duty to protect your personal information. :slight_smile:

We now provide bank statements for the Current Account! At the moment you can get one by asking us through the in-app chat, but you’ll be able to create them yourself from within the app soon :wink:

Regarding overdrafts, they’re being rolled out slowly and are currently being tested (you can register your interest here), while CASS is a big priority to get up and running this quarter.

I’ve always thought switching bribes smell a little of desperation, no?


Apple Pay :apple:
Student Overdraft (I need to clear mine before I can switch ;( )

Don’t drive and don’t have a current passport.

I want to switch but getting a new passport I don’t currently need for travelling isn’t high on my todo list.

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I love all the features and the way Monzo works, but there’s just some key features still missing from a legacy bank that are preventing me from using it for anything more than my disposable income. Case in point being the fact that I got several cheques for my birthday/Christmas which I couldn’t pay into my Monzo account easily.

Also, moving the seven direct debits I currently have would be a massive pain manually.

if you contact support they can look at alternative methods for you, either in app or help@monzo.com

@NewlandA I moved 12 :wink: CASS is on the roadmap, though