If you haven't moved over, what's stopping you from making Monzo your main bank?

Quite a few people use a second personal current account for their committed spend. This accounts acts like a Committed Spend Pot. So people who use a second personal current account for their committed spend would be unlikely to go Full Monzo until either Monzo allows multiple personal current accounts or until Monzo release a Committed Spend Pot.


Allowing direct debits out of an account that’s not your main one generally requires another account. On the face of it there’s no real barrier for this, you can have multiple accounts without issue, so its perfectly reasonable.

At the moment pots are basically savings accounts with no account number, for which you can also have as many as you like elsewhere.

The problem i see with doing this with pots is you need to get it right. With no account number of specific way of making payments from it it relying on hopefully picking the correct payment coming from your account. I’m not sure i see Monzo doing it, have they said as much?

They have been running it amongst staff with results they were pleased with

Apparently needs a lot of rework for general release though


Oh that’s cool, do you have a link?

From @simonb a while back:


@Jami mentions this later in the thread.

I currently use a 2 account setup. If Monzo gets the Committed Spending pot working, I would use just Monzo for everything.


The mention there by @Jami of changing/improving Summary and the appropriately Easterish death and rebirth of Summary to come with V3 could either indicate progress in that direction being made or overtaken by events dependent on your viewpoint

Freebies/Perks for joining.

Committed spending pot


At the moment my salary is paid into my Lloyd’s because I needed an IBAN number in order for my employer to pay me.

It use to be that and the fact that they gave me discounted content insurance as I’m a club Lloyd’s customer. But now that monzo plus is out, hopefully there are some more things that’ll be added on soon.

Bundled account at nationwide, absolute bargain, that and committed spending pots.



What are bundled accounts?

Seriously considering going the other way at the moment. I am #fullmonzo but getting to the point where I’ll likely be #partmonzo in the coming weeks mostly due to not liking the direction that things have taken and the missing features which I was expecting to be out by now :frowning:


What feature is that?

What don’t you like about the current direction? And which features were you expecting?
Hope #PartMonzo works out better for you though, if there’s something you’re missing.


Nationwide has an account which has a lot of added features/benefits such as insurance, interest, overdrafts etc. I believe this is what he means.

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I was more asking which benefits he liked!

  1. Dedicated ‘bill payment’ account/Pot - a way to move money to one place and have all my direct debits/standing orders come from there, that isn’t ‘visible’ in my main account. (currently I have a Bank of Scotland account for this).
  2. Custom categories.
  3. Ability for ME to tell Monzo which incoming payments are ‘salary/wages’ (which may then allow me to use the Budgetting/Summary features cos right now they are useless for me).
  4. A shiny metal card, vertical, with no numbers or markings, just a tiny monzo ‘chip’ image in one corner…

(one of the above is a lie).


I haven’t yet gone full monzo I use it as a small spending account and only move a couple of hundred through it a month for bits and pieces.
There are 2 reasons for this.

  1. They offer no cheque book and I need one for work quite regularly.
  2. A slight lack of trust I’m not the most tech based person I don’t even own a laptop, so not having real interaction is hard for me but as the brand grows I may move fully