If there is insufficient money in the account

In the instances whereby there is a shortfall in the account to meet the payments for the day, it would be really handy to have the amount that it is short by displayed somewhere, thereby allowing the right money to be transferred from a pot or other account without having to perform mental maths. Lazy maybe but handy for sure.

Hi Andy, this IS very lazy, I love it!

Given Monzo has all that information, no reason it couldn’t do that calculation for us. Could not agree more, isn’t this the point of ‘smart phones’ anyway? I VOTE YES!


Doesn’t it do this already?

I’ve been [heading] into the red with no overdraft maybe twice in the last couple of years, but from memory if the account doesn’t have enough to pay an upcoming bill payment, you get a warning notification and a transaction feed entry?

I’m sure that you get a grace period too - to top up by the end of that day if you go into the red with any transaction? This may have changed with the recent overdraft changes though.

Anyone here who lives dangerously on the black/red line who can elaborate?


You get a notification that you have a bill due if £x and you need to add funds. You also get one if you’re in your overdraft. Still midnight to add the funds if you have an overdraft

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Glad you like the idea :sunglasses:

It will tell you if there is insufficient funds to honour a payment but doesn’t reveal by how much. Screenshots would be handy here but that assumes much and potentially reveals way too much lol.

I already get a notification that does this.

I believe the OP wants the app to calculate how short you are, not just tell you that you’ve not got enough money.

The current notification says something like:

The OP wants it to be aware of his balance and then calculate the shortfall. Therefore the notification would be something like:


I think the reason they don’t mention the amount in the notification - as good an idea as it is - is because if you have multiple direct debits then you get a notification for each. Which one should have that info in?

Perhaps instead of one notification per DD there should be a single notification which can then include the full amount your balance is short by.

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Yeah I think one notification that is based on the DDs out that day, and does a ‘sum’…


Spot on there. :grinning: