Available Overdraft Balance

Today my account went into overdraft for the first time. My available balance shows as say -£849.61, this is incorrect because I know my overdraft limit is £1000. My available balance should say £150.39 with my balance being -£849.61. Unfortunately the UI does not distinguish. (I’m using the android version).

It would be nice if you had a credit balance for the interface to show how much money you actually have (i.e. balance), but then upon entering your overdraft to calculate how far you are away from hitting your limit (i.e. your available balance).


I get what you’re saying and I think the issue is that there isn’t a display of ‘Available Balance’ anywhere in the app. The display at the moment is of ‘Account Balance’ which is a subtly different thing.

Whatever it’s called, however, I broadly agree with your final assessment. I’d insist on seeing ‘Account Balance’ (as now) when in credit but could possibly accept something else if I were in my overdraft as long as it were very clearly labelled. For me, the -£XXX.YY format that it does now does clearly indicate the fact that you’re borrowing which is a level of clarity I’d hate to use.

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Hi Mike. On the Account tab, just above the image of the monzo card, it says confusingly, available balance -£xxx.xx

Ah, that must be an Android thing. It just says ‘Balance’ on iOS (and that figure includes the contents of Pots so really doesn’t equate to being ‘Available’ anyway).

This came up a few months ago and I thought they’d promised to harmonise the terms used between OSs.