[Implemented] Warning of insufficient funds for direct debit


I have a number of direct debits set up on my account. It is cool that I can see them on my timeline prior to being executed.

However, I have had some issues with the council tax and if my DD fails then I will be in some serious trouble with them… long story :frowning:

Anyway, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a feature to help avoid failed direct debits due to funds? Such as:

  • Warning that there are insufficient funds for the DD - Maybe this happens?
  • A setting, where you would inform the app to pull funds from a point if there is insufficient funds in the main account, then if the pot is too low, revert to the first point.

It could be useful for people who run tight budgets.

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The day before the DD is due you will get a notification if you have insufficient funds. If your DD initially fails, you have until 2pm to retry payment.



We show you tomorrow’s Direct Debits, to help you prepare when you need to make a payment. But if we try to take a Direct Debit in the morning and you don’t have enough money account, we’ll try to pay it again at 2pm the same day.

You’ll see the first attempt in your feed, as well as the afternoon’s upcoming retry. And you can manually retry a failed Direct Debit before then, by tapping the button on the transaction screen.

This’ll help you avoid missing payments, and eliminate the admin of trying again when you do.

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This is all well and good however there is a slight flaw to it currently.

If you have £200 in your account, and have two seperate direct debits going out, one for £160 and one for £100, you will not get a notification. This needs to be changed.


At least the new retry functionality mitigates that somewhat but I agree, it really should be alerting on the total debits for the day.


Also it only checks your balance on Friday for Monday’s DD to notify you if there isn’t enough.

If you spend on the weekend you don’t get a notification if the balance isn’t enough for Monday’s DD

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Yeah, as @Ganey and @feathers point out the notification isn’t very clever :disappointed:

It is probably easier to implement this now there is a predicted payments service but I will defer to the experts!


Resurrection rather than a new thread

Monzo knows im getting paid tomorrow because it told me, but im also getting notifications of outgoings tomorrow saying i have insufficient funds and that i should move money from pots to make sure payments don’t fail. I’d have thought it would be clever enough to take all tomorrow’s transactions into account and realise I’ll have enough funds

Its easy enough to ignore the notifications but theyre unnecessary