I signed up with a normal email but I'm a student

Hello, I have signed up for a card and I am currently in the queue (I assume, all I can see on the app is the page that says “invite 3 friends”) however I am a student and didn’t realise I could skip the queue if I was a student. Is there a way I can update my status? Thank you

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Paging @bailey but you can update your email address by either chatting with support (not sure if that’s possible while still in the queue) or emailing help@monzo.com.

@maxcoxx Yeah it’s possible. Just email help@monzo.com

Thanks @RichardR I’ve tried emailing them a few days ago but no reply! @bailey could you possibly help me?

@maxcoxx Hi Max :slightly_smiling_face: If you could just message me your date of birth and a copy of proof of ID alongside the e-mail you would like to change to, I can amend this for you no problem!


Casually hopes nobody notices I tried to summon @Bailey while they were seemingly still on holiday.

Thanks @Naji!

Hi @Naji thank you! Should I just post that on here or a private email? Thanks again

You can just click Naji’s name & you’ll see the option to send him a message.


Yeah probably not the best idea to post your ID on here. So make sure it’s in a private message

Yeah I think she’s in Poland atm. No idea if it’s a holiday or for business.

I’ve just clicked on @Naji name and the image looks exactly the same as your just without the option to send a message?

My bad, that’s because you’re not a ‘basic’ user yet -

You can either complete the actions necessary to unlock the permissions (listed in that post) or email Naji - naji@getmondo.co.uk