Received 2 different CA invitations in 2 days?!

First of all let me just clarify that I’m 99% sure I hadn’t registered for the current account. So you can imagine I was fairly surprised when I got an email invitation for the current account. I thought ‘why not’ and signed up for the current account, downloaded the app, certified my ID and was told my card was on the way. So everything was all a-ok, or so I thought…
However today I received another email asking to register for a monzo current account. I was quite surprised by this and wondered why it had happened if I’d completed the current account sign up yesterday. So I decided to look into this further and found out that the original email was from ‘’, whereas the second email was from ‘’. I’m a little worried I may have given my ID to a rogue fake monzo app :confused:
So I would be grateful if anyone from the monzo team or in the community (if you’ve had a similar experience) could shed some light on the matter… :thinking:

Adil, if I were you, I’d also make this enquiry immediately to customer Services via the in-App chat. is a domain used by Monzo


The two senders are both Monzo. The invites are coming thick and fast but I would check with the in-app chat.

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Sorry about that — looks like we missed out a de-duplication step for a few people and hence why you received another email! Thanks for raising it and trying out the current account :slight_smile:


No worries, happy I could help. Glad it’s all sorted now :+1:

Maybe it worked too well as I still have not had my invite yet and well it’s been months now so yeah like ya know :eyes:

Check please :crying_cat_face:

Perhaps they have put you to the back of the queue - comedy value is / has been great.
As my grandma used to say all good things come to those that wait.
Perhaps though a little longer than you wanted.
I’m sure it will be soon, I predict around 28th not for any reason just fancied a guess.

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Can’t complain I haven’t got any

I am so got also double mail from Monzo Inviting me after i accepted the first. Good spot on the different mail address, i assumed it was a duplicate and deleted the other i didn’t even think it could have been a “pish and chips” :fries:mail after our details.

You don’t use gmail do you? I noticed that the first email went into the gmail “Promotions” tab rather than the main inbox (I almost missed it!). When the second email came though I suspected that someone at Monzo noticed that Google was filing them into the promotions tab and resent the emails from a less “marketing looking” address.

Hmm that’s interesting. But no it wasn’t sent to gmail, went to outlook instead.

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