Change waiting list email address

(Richard Bairwell) #1

My wife’s signed up and is on the waiting list, but she wants to change her email address without losing her position in the queue. Is this possible somehow?


She would be able to talk with Mondo using the in-app chat and explain. Make sure she still has access to the previous (just in case)

(Richard Bairwell) #3

I can’t see how to activate the chat if you are just on the wait list :frowning: I may be blind tho :wink:


Ya she would have to wait for it. Sorry for not clarifying. :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Hey Richard,
Can you ask her to email from her email address and we’ll be able to get that sorted :slight_smile:

(YL) #6

i have my monzo account and the card already with one email. but when i was going to activate the card, i accidently typed in a different email address and i’m in the que again.
is it possible to delete the email which is in que?

also is it possible to change my email address which is associated with the monzo account?

(James Billingham) #7

Email with the details, both email addresses, and what you’d like them to do with each one, and they’ll sort it out :slight_smile:

(YL) #8

thanks for the info :wink: