Doesnt recognise my email on App

(Ashley Brown) #1


It was working fine up until this morning. The app logged me out and doesnt recognise my email anymore.

I tried to create a new account and it came up with an error at the mobile verification section

Please help guys.



Drop an email and they will sort you out. If it’s urgent phone 0800 8021 281

(Ashley Brown) #3

Thank you will do!

(MikeF) #4

As a general rule, I don’t think creating another account will ever be a workaround for this given the one account (excluding joint) limit per customer. Worse, if you did manage to create a second account on the same email address the app has no way of managing two accounts (except joint) so there would then be all sorts of issues in getting at things!

Hope you get it sorted quickly.

(Ashley Brown) #5

I did think that when I did it (Stupidly) but i needed access and thought be a quicker way to resolve early morning.

Thank you!

(Ian Lyon) #6

In these cases, the vast majority of time you’ll find you’re probably trying to log in using a different email address than the one linked to your account; this results in you getting about a third of the way through the new sign up process and getting stuck at the SMS verification section because your mobile number is already linked to your existing account.

The best thing to do is to make sure you remember the email you used to sign up with, and if for any reason you get logged out and don’t have access to that email, just email and someone will get you back up and running :+1:

(Ashley Brown) #7

I tried every single one of the emails Im associated with and none worked :frowning:

Ill try again just incase it was early morning blurryness on my part.

The only thing that makes me think of something else is that my app is always logged in, and this morning it wasnt.

Thanks for your help


Can you check your emails for existing Monzo emails? At least then you’ll know which one your account is actually subscribed too?

But yeah, the best thing to do is just email

(Ashley Brown) #9

Yeah used the one i have correspondences from but no luck im afraid.

Ive sent an email from that account as wel so hopefully get an answer shortly.