I really want to reopen my account Please Help

Hi Guys,
I’ve been struggling for days to reopen my Monzo account cause of a phone verification. I desperately need it active as soon as possible as me and my boyfriend are planning to open our first joint bills account together in Monzo :heartpulse:
Can anyone help please. :pray:

Thank you

To reopen a closed account you’ll need to email help@monzo.com

Email support normally takes a few days to get a reply

As @Rat_au_van says. You cannot do it via the sign-up flow, you have to get Monzo to reinstate your account directly.

And 30 days have to have passed since you closed it :+1:


I’ve emailed them and chatt with them through app… They say specialist will help me but it taking a long time.
It’s been over half a year since I’ve closed it.

From other feedback it seems like it can take a bit of time, hopefully not too much longer.

I’m in!! :smiley: Thank you guys :grin::+1: