Deleted account and now want to re open

Hiya everyone I need some help so a few days ago I closed my account and then today I First tried to open a new account but that didn’t work so I tried to log back into to my old account but whenever it asks me to verify my number it said we can’t verify your number any advice as would like to re open my account thank you

You can email them at

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If you’ve had an account in the past you can’t re-open one without contacting Monzo.

The phone number verification error that you are getting is because your phone number is still assigned to your closed account and you can’t have the same number assigned to more than one account :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if this is true but I’m sure I read somewhere you have to wait 1 month before being able to reopen an account…

But as others have said you’ll need to email

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That’s correct, we don’t reopen accounts for 30 days.



I closed my monzo account recently then changed my mind and tried to re-sign up using the same email address and phone number. I registered my full name and same home address and email address, and it gets to the phone number verification step and I input the verification code correctly and every time I press continue it says ‘something went wrong we weren’t unable to verify your phone number’.

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app and that doesn’t work, and every time I try to verify my phone number I make sure I press sign up not log in (as I don’t have an existing account anymore) and this still doesn’t work!

I’ve tried emailing support and calling but no response.

You will need to contact support that is all you can do.

We can not help as we are just customers/users.

Someone will be along in a minute and @ a staff member :upside_down_face:

You can’t re-open an account yourself. You need to contact Monzo to do this.

It also needs to have been longer than 30 days :slight_smile:

Hey, what needs to have been longer than thirty days?

Since you closed your account.

So I can’t reopen the account until 30 days has passed?

Correct :slight_smile:

Some other fintechs make you wait a year :grimacing:

Here is a quote from someone at Monzo to support what I’ve said:

Hi, I’m experiencing the same thing, I emailed Monzo multiple times to which I have had no response. Other customers seem to have had their email responded to however I emailed them a handful of times and have had no help what so ever, not even a reply!

How long ago did you close your account?

I closed it around 3-4 months ago.

Is there any chance of anyone ever returning the emails I send to about re opening my account? Or do you only reply to selective customers because my emails haven’t been answered/replies to for almost 4 months now and I think it’s ridiculous.

I don’t think @BethS is responsible for responding to emails.

An alternative method to contacting Monzo is via phone on: 0800 802 1281

There isn’t anything that can be done on here I’m afraid :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat, it was way over 30 days ago since I closed my account and wanting to re-open it tried everything only thing I can think of is using someone else’s number so I can get an account

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From memory, you have to email them. Whether or not they will reply in a timely fashion is up for debate at the moment, though.

Hi, Paige

I closed my account and returned to Monzo! :clap:

I re-installed the Monzo App on my phone, on the login page it will let you contact the team on live chat, if you just pop in there that you closed your account and you want to return to Monzo they should be able to help you from my experience doing it,

Let me know how you get on