I really cant justify not being able to communicate with my bank any more

Right, another situation where I needed to have a conversation with my bank, and again, I have found the reading comprehension on the folks on the other end of the chat is basically equal to zero.

The question posed to was the following brain teaser:

"I got my limit raised for a transaction I need to do on Friday the 15th. I got my limit raised to X pounds. Now, since getting the limit raised with monzo, the vendor of the item I am buying, have found a slight issue with the order and have sent me new invoice, which is 2 pounds higher.

So, my question is, do I need to apply to have my limit raised further, or since its only 2 pound more, will the transaction still go through?

So, far the responses have been “please try the transaction again”, followed by “to make a large transfer, click this link to request a limit increase” and finally, when I pointed out I already had one. I got put in a queue to “somebody that can help me better”.

This, again, is not a hard question. I assume everything will be fine, as the limit increase will still have some buffer for other transactions on the day.

But, basically, we have no means of talking to our bank.

I’m out. I have zero trust in Monzo at this stage.


“I’m out”

ah well , enjoy the competition , having experienced other banks apps …llloyds usually send me notifications about a couple of hours after the transaction …you will be back …if they let you return …most banks have absolute limits , if you have to go over them they won’t allow it , maybe you should have asked for a £2 extra higher limit …


maybe you should have asked for a £2 extra higher limit …


so, I “just” should have predicted the vendor made a mistake, and had to send me a new invoice which was two pounds more than the originally invoiced amount.

Sure. makes sense. Silly me and my lack of clairvoyance .


nooooo , try another bank where you have raised your limit to the amount , and then try and tack on another 2 quid …wont go through.

You could have raised your limit in a new request through the app as opposed to being a clairvoyant

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and now we are getting to the crux of the issue. By bank isn’t able to advice me on this.

I mean, it’s easy, I sorted it out with the vendor already, they grasped the situation straight way, and we resolved the “issue” in less than 2 minutes.

But the fact that Monzo cant give me a clear answer to the above enquiry is ridiculous.


why do you need an answer - raise your limits request …granted …realise it wasnt enough , make another request …granted or refused …why do you need somebody to say …yes thats ok …it will either be re raised by Monzo or not …

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Monzo customer support isn’t going to win awards anytime soon so always start from that point. I find simple and clear is the absolute way to go. Tell Monzo what you want.

In this case, it’s not really a question - if you have a limit, that is your limit. If it’s 2p over it won’t go through, let alone £2.

You would likely have best gone “Please increase my limit by £2 further to £X”. It’s clear and the operator knows what you want.

If the service isn’t good I recommend making a complaint - they do eventually answer those and often will try to make it right (usually throwing a small cash amount at you).


A limit is a limit. If I had a cash withdrawal limit of £400/day I wouldn’t expect (or want) it to allow £420 of withdrawals.

In such a circumstance I would either make 2 payments to the vendor or use an alternate account (although you would probably have the same limit raising requirement).


I get your point of - the bank being able to advise me on this

different people approach problems different ways , which doesnt excuse not being able to contact, or get a timely reply from support for your £2 problem

I know this isn’t the point of the post, but wouldn’t the vendor just take £2 off?

I mean, by the fact you’ve had to raise your limit would suggest it’s large amount, so is that £2 going to make a difference?

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I know this isn’t the point of the post, but wouldn’t the vendor just take £2 off?
I mean, by the fact you’ve had to raise your limit would suggest it’s large amount, so is that £2 going to make a difference?

This was exactly what the vendor did. As per my reply in the thread above, they understood the “issue” straight away.

The problem isn’t hard to solve. For me, the issue is, which seems to be lost on a few people here, was that that the person I attempted to talk to on monzo side, didn’t understand what I was asking.


a valid point , yep

Ive had the same before , Customer support is fairly poor , I agree

however I dont think there is a block for re applying for a higher limit once the limit has been agreed by Monzo previously … you arent meant to know that as a customer though …

would you use the raise limit flow on the app to re apply or wait for somebody to say yes we can raise your limits over the limit you have applied for …hmmmmm different folks different strokes

cant wait for you to try this …" This, again, is not a hard question. I assume everything will be fine, as the limit increase will still have some buffer for other transactions on the day." lol it doesnt have any buffer , I couldnt pay for fuel on a card because I had gone to my limits …

So they solved your issue with the second suggestion?

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And this is actually what I take issue with. I spoke to the vendor, using the exact same langue and they understood immediately what I was saying. Similarly, the people in this thread doesn’t seem to have a problem understanding what I was saying.

I don’t want to sound pedantic here, but I don’t think its idiotic to not make any assumptions about how the limit increase works, and just ask your bank what the appropriate next step is. As far as I see it, the limit increase could be excused in a few different ways, for example

  • The they raise the limit of your total daily transition spend, to the value of the transaction you have reported to them (they ask, specifically, what the value of the transaction is). Meaning, you can do 0 pounds worth of transfers next to this on the day
  • They allow one transaction of the exact value of what you requested, next to your normal daily allowance (in this case, I could just make two transactions).

and so on and so forth. All I really wanted, was my bank to tell me what the appropriate next step was. Thats all.


I’m confused - why wouldn’t you raise your limit to more than you need, otherwise how are you meant to buy items that day?

Unless you have to specify the amount for the single transaction?

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Most people wouldn’t raise the limit beyond what they need because for this sort of request you are often asked to provide evidence, etc which is an easier conversation if it is matches the limit requested.

Anyway, that’s a distraction from the real point here: you can’t get a quick answer to a simple question from Monzo support. This is a problem.

Blaming the user, for needing to contact support, makes absolutely no sense in this instance.

I certainly wouldn’t want to start doing another limit increase request without explaining the situation first as I’d be fearful Monzo would flag that as suspicious and freeze my account, or even close it for suspected fraud. Trying to raise limits and then transfer money out is exactly what a fraudster would do, so this situation would need to be handled carefully to avoid triggering fraud algorithms.


I think that’s what I’d expect to do. Otherwise knowing monzo CS they would get confused, pass it to a “specialist” and then block it.

In fairness to monzo this isn’t only a monzo thing, but is a live chat thing. It’s much harder to clarify via chat.

Being explicit is a good suggestion. I presume you can ask to raise the limit in chat


But just to play the vendors side here a second,

I’m assuming this payment is large enough that you’re talking over a £10k transaction?

If that’s the case we’re talking a significant purchase here - and from that who stands to benefit from facilitating your purchase the most?

The Vendor, who may risk losing out on the profit generated from that sale - and as a result you’ve probably got access to some form of sales person or account contact as a result?

Or Monzo who have the fraud risk and may only benefit from payment processing fees which I assume are small change in the grand scheme.

And this gripe with Monzo and their systems is a result of the Vendor making a mistake? If they had given you accurate info in the first place you wouldn’t have the problem I assume?

I’ll all on board the “Monzo’s chat can sometimes suck” train, even more so the large payments are a pain one - but of course the vendor will be able to do more to help you here - they made the error and have greater motivation to help you solve it, surely?

Plenty of issues I wish support could solve better tho - my biggest gripe is the seemingly “auto script being send when you trigger a keyword” thing.


I wouldn’t exactly call Monzo chat “Live”. That would imply you getting an answer within a few minutes from a human, not a bot

It’s more like a message service


I just did a quick test

I just did a quick test I feel bad for hogging the live chat however it was worth it for a test

First up is starting:

They get 10/10 here

With Monzo, I’ll have to let you know when I receive a message back. I’ll see you in a couple of days