I randomly received a payment

Hello, I randomly received I payment of £2733.64
It wasn’t from a person, it says refund from SkyBet however I’ve never had an account with a bookies/casino and don’t have sky tv since I’m still and home and only young

The right thing to do is to report it to Monzo because that’s a lot of money for someone to lose.

What I’d do is put it all into a pot until you find out what you need to do so that you don’t accidentally spend it and therefore potentially become liable to pay it back.


Raise it with Monzo support and let them deal with it. Beware if someone approaches you and says it was sent the to the wrong account and asking you to send it on to someone as you could find that you are complicit in money laundering. That’s why it’s best to raise it with Monzo asap…



(Is probably what you shouldn’t do)


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(Don’t actually do that, do as others said)


I spoke to monzo and they confirmed it must be a mistake especially since I’m 17 and illegal to gamble however I got advised by them to start a live chat with skybet since it’s on their end due to it being a refund they must have my card details along with the fact a age check should of taken place for it to be even put into my account which I have just done now and I got transferred to sky casino who was determined it’s my money saying it’s a refund because that’s how the withdrawals work: it gets sent as a refund if it’s a MasterCard - I explained in more detail that it’s not my money and I got asked for my username where I said I don’t even have an account with you then they asked for me name/dob/address I told them my name, dob but onto my address as I don’t feel comfortable then they told me they’re ending the live chat due to my age and I automatically got kicked off the site and redirected to google.com.

I tried again and started with my age and that I received a random payment whom this time as adamant it’s a withdrawal I made since you can only deposit and withdraw to a bank that matches the account name, along with a age check through electoral roll and can only withdraw to a card that’s been used to deposit - then asked if I’m in the correct state of mind which made me fuming

If you’ve told them and they’re keep saying it’s yours, keep the chat log and spend it freely🤷‍♂️

You now have the legal right too since they’re confirming it’s yours and if they ever come for it in the future you have evidence.


Don’t spend it

They sound totally incompetent but it’s not your money and eventually they’ll realise that

Withdrawals do work like that so how you got it is a mystery

Go back to Monzo, tell them what sky bet said and that you are putting it in a pot until it’s reclaimed


Like a lost pet, if they don’t claim it within 6 months i’d say it’s yours. they cant come for it a year or two down the line and say “oh, you know that £2.7k we accidentally sent you, then did nothing about? yeah, that’s ours”


I’m just paranoid especially as it’s the most amount I’ve ever seen in my bank I’ll literally have to work 3 years for that since I’m only doing work in a takeout while I study

I would send an email , it gives them enough time to escalate to the correct people as they aren’t on the spot on a live chat.

State if there’s no reasonable response within X days they’ll be forfeiting the money.

But as said above, if you are contacted by a 3rd party asking to send them the money be extremely careful, it may be money laundering that you’ll unknowingly be a victim of.


Do you have a family member who has the same name as you?

not as I know off plus that wouldn’t explain the reason how they got my bank details

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Sky may be correct in that someone may have opened a Sky Bet account using your identification…

But why withdraw to an account they have no access to?

And how did they pass the age check?

Sign up to the free credit report from credit karma and make sure there’s no other accounts there that you didn’t open


Rat_au_correct on this ^^

Monzo recommended I did that and listed a few places to do it with I’m currently signing up


I can’t see much it only shows hsbc and monzo and a random company but it’s got my town name in and the description says electoral roll so I’m assuming it’s for that since I’ve just got my polling card

What’s the company name? Leave out the town name bit