Sky Betting Withdrawal

Morning guys,
Anyone know how long it takes for money to come from Sky Bet into my Monzo account?
It rejected it Saturday night within minutes cause it used an old card.

Did it yesterday morning and still not received my money?


Where is my withdrawal?

Withdrawals may take 2-5 working days to be processed by your bank. Please note weekends do not count towards the 5 days. For more information click here .,to%20reach%20your%20PayPal%20account.

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Yeah I read that on Sky Bet’s side but automatically thought that Monzo would be streamlined as it is effectively an online bank.
With Paypal it is near enough instantly.

I guess I will wait it out.

Cheers for responding.

I requested a withdrawal from Sky Bet yesterday afternoon and it came back to Monzo this morning.

Maybe depends on the value/frequency though, mine was only a tenner so I doubt it triggered any additional checks.

Mine is ÂŁ60 so I wonder if it does trigger extra checks.
Though when I spoke to Sky Bet on the live chat they said it had been processed.

I’m also 94.28% sure that you can refund to old card, so not sure why that failed. Unless you didn’t mean an old Monzo card?

I have a new card since moving to Monzo Plus. The old card should of been deactivated. Though I can deposit using it… Questionable.

Rather specific percentage there, 94.28% aha.

Well I’m not certain! :rofl:

If you’ve got the “Update card details” option on, then you can do it with that I think.

I guess I will wait it out for 5 days then and see if I get the payment.
If not raise it with both Monzo and Sky bet?

Recently Monzo been charging me double for some transactions… bit odd.

Tesco or Nike by any chance?

Spotify and maybe tesco

Have a look here

It’s not Monzo doing it, it’s the merchant doing things poorly.

Yeah. Monzo refunded me the double charge. spotify only had the single charge on their side.
Haven’t had it for a while to be fair.

Monzo changed their support chain as well. Used to be easy to get chat access through the App but now I have no idea.

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