Payments from link not recieved

Not sure if anyone else has had this issue,

My friends using the link have sent payments (less than £10) but I haven’t received it in my account. When I provide the transaction reference number to customer support for assistance they cannot track the payment.

Has this happened to anyone else and is there a fix? It has happened multiple times to me and with different banks as the senders (Chase, Monzo, Starling).

Obvious questions but are you sure that the payment has gone through successfully; and that they have indeed used your link to pay?

Yes because they received email confirmation from Monzo that they payment has sent through. The money has gone out of their account and they have a transaction reference number.

It just doesn’t show that the money has gone into my account.

That’s fine, but are you sure? What I’m getting at is are they not trying to swindle you. Have you seen proof?

Alternative is, has your account balance increased even if transactions aren’t showing?

Yet another alternative is – how long ago was this, could it not be held for fraud checks?

Yes, 100% sure because they have shown me email proof and transaction records.

Additionally, it has happened for a few transactions whom the senders are different people.
I can say that it is definitely not fraud.

I can’t tell if my balance has increased to be honest - But then this is still a big issue because my transaction records are not accurate in my Monzo app.

It has happened for a few transactions over the past 6 months

If support can’t track it and the money hasn’t appeared, there’s definitely a part missing to the story.

Money doesn’t just vanish. It will arrive or it will bounce back. Multiple people saying they are paying you and it not arriving doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Most likely is the people haven’t paid you.


Afraid it does point in that direction! :man_shrugging:

Thanks you guys. I will just have to a closer look at the records or find if the money has bounced back.

Will update if I have more information.


You can open your monzo link in a private tab and try pay yourself a quid to see if it comes through.

it doesn’t happen every time - I recieve around 120 of these small transactions per month. This will happen for about 1 of these transactions per month

That is an awful lot of small transactions! Do you hit any of these limits by chance?

The maximum you can pay through is £100 (and the minimum is £1!) In a 30-day rolling period, you can’t receive more than £1,000 through or send more than £500 from a single debit card.

Otherwise would a shared tab or bill split not work better? Would reduce the number of transactions and it might look less… questionable from Monzo’s end.

No I don’t hit any of those limits. Either way, I have had the same person send me two separate transfers of around £7 and one of those would go missing, but the other one will go through.

But he will have received email confirmation for both transfers - It is really a mystery.

I have checked with my own statement and my friend’s statement and neither of us have had the cash bounce back. I know money doesn’t just disappear which is why I am so baffled by this.

Anyone have any next steps that I could try?

In that case we’re the amounts identical?

I would get the email headers from your friend of the transaction that you didn’t receive and send it to monzo with the MasterCard or visa transaction reference number and press monzo again,

Looks like this is the only way I can go ahead. Does anyone know a more direct way of reach help from the Monzo team?

Right now I can only use the support chat.

That’s the most direct