What have you bought, but never used?

I bought this microphone for smartphones earlier this year. But I haven’t used it. I tend to film with my Canon vlogging camera which has it’s own stereo mics plus an additional Zoom H1.

I guess it’s good to have backup equipment, and I’ll probably throw it in my camera bag when on the move, but as it stands… It’s just laying around and I’m not quite sure why I bought it in the first place.

So… what have you bought, but haven’t used it all since you got it?

Ive bought countless clothes that were that little bit too small but I bought because I was going to lose the weight. Somehow never really learned my lesson


I have a fantastic sewing machine. Planned to make cushions and curtains and patchwork quilts.
Didn’t fully take into account the cost of fabric and priorities changed so it hasn’t been used :yen:
But it will someday :crossed_fingers:

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Can we include software?

I bought a license for IonCube, but never used it. I also bought an Apple Developer program membership for a year, but didn’t make any iOS apps…


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I have a LazyOaf jumper that costed £65 and I have only worn it to try it on…
Should probably wear it but it is very warm.

I bought a Cisco course, I never did it.

Got bored after the first 30 mins

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Stargate SG-1 season box set on DVD. It’s still enveloped in original seal film.

It’s always been available on one of the streaming networks!

Same as Liam! Worst £70 I spent haha

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Every gym membership I’ve ever signed up to :sweat_smile: