I'm back!

Hey everyone!!! I took a week off for holiday. Went out to the University of Minnesota to do a talk, and then spent a few days at Paisley Park celebrating the greatest musician of all time :grinning:

For the first time since I started here, I managed to disconnect completely - didn’t check Slack, or work emails all week. I was inspired by Tom saying he’d actually uninstalled Slack from his phone during his holiday. There’s a real issue in tech culture with us all being unable to disconnect but for the most part I managed to do it :grinning:

Back now working on the secret project and you’ll all be happy to know we have another awesome Q&A planned for this week.

So… what did I miss? :smiley: What has everyone been up to for the past week?


Where was the postcard? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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There ya go. Only slightly late :wink:


Thank you :heart_eyes:

So, what you missed…

Some people love a thing, others hate it while another group post gifs. You know, the usual.

And Tom is still ignoring the cat question



Problem is Tom has taken too long to come back with an answer.

If he says yes he loves cats then why the delay? that risks sounding disingenuous.

If he say no he does not like cats then was the delay a means of him trying to avoid the question, or simply the fact that his deep deep hatred of cats allows him to just cast us cat lovers off and ignore us as though we are nothing to him?!

… has anyone actually asked him?


Of course. It was at the Q&A and @BethS has been chasing it up


Then like the cat prowling the mouse …

She needs to chase a bit harder!!


I gave my cat a good brushing today as it is now getting warmer

My goodness I have enough fur now to knit a jumper!

Blasted cats

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I hate cats

House covered in fur
Clothes covered in fur
Who the hell gets a white cat!!
Feed me
Let me out
Let me in
Cuddle me
Don’t cuddle me! (Claws… ouch!)
Oh, what you doing? (No it’s fine just walk all over my stuff when I am trying to read!!)
Was that sandwich yours? I just licked it … nah didn’t like it
Have you fed me yet?
Can you feed me again?
What if I go out the front door and come in the back will you feed me then?




Wait, who are you? You’re just a stranger here now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Welcome Back! :wave:

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Welcome to the Monzo Community, hope you have fun.

There are a few stickies at the top of the forum you might find interesting :slight_smile:


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Welcome back man!

Did you get any gems from Record Store Day?

Even better and more exclusive.

On Thursday, the Prince Estate finally released his original (newly mixed) version of “Nothing Compares 2 U”.


This is his original version from 1984 - he gave it to his protege act The Family for their album in 1985, and then Sinead O’ Connor famously covered it years later and had a hit with her cover. This last weekend, Electric Fetus record store in Minneapolis had a limited edition pressing - only 1,984 copies on 7" metallic sleeve vinyl picture disc. 1684 were reserved for people attending the event at Paisley Park, and then on Sunday they sold the remaining 300 to anyone else that wanted them. That’s the only pressing in this version (there’s a standard edition coming on vinyl next month, no metallic sleeve or picture disc).

It was only for sale at Electric Fetus, as that was his favourite record store.

They also did a limited edition “Wrecka Stow” t-shirt (it’s a joke from his movie Under The Cherry Moon) and I picked one of those up.

They must have had an insane day on Saturday. We went there on Friday, and there were people queuing up there all day and all night to get some of the stuff that was only being sold on the 21st.


I also got invited to the rehearsal space where The Family were rehearsing for their performance they did last night at Paisley Park. I thought about getting them to sign the vinyl but I didn’t wanna interrupt their rehearsal since it was just me and my partner, the band, and their manager there!


Nice!! Gold dust right there. I hot my bits few bits so that’s always good :musical_note:

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Definitely. I’m sure it’s already worth 10 times what it cost, if not more.

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18 replies and nobody has asked what the secret project is…


No need coz we know it’s not Apple Pay :joy_cat: