I have been scammed. How do I start the process of getting my money back?

I have been scammed, I sent 900 pounds (I made an international bank transfer) to rent an apartment via the Airbnb website, And then it appeared that it is not the official site. I tried to contact the scammer But he doesn’t reply.
Is there a possibility of a financial refund? And how to start the process?

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Speak to monzo.

Bottom of transaction tap Something wrong, get help.

How does this work though? It’s an international transfer, so it would have been handled by Wise.

Does the customer speak direct to Wise or does the customer speak to Monzo who in turn speak to Wise?

Honestly, it’s this sort of stuff that makes me reluctant to make these sorts of transactions via Monzo. I’d much rather deal with Wise directly.

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You always raise with the bank to get the advice from the specialists. If anything further has to be done, they’ll pass over the additional information if it’s required.

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I’m not sure how far on user end what information you can see, monzo have a response to explain how to go about it and can sometimes give additional information.

Can’t recall by memory in full as few and far between with these types of query.

Bank transfers are equivalent to handing over cash. :confused: It’s going to be difficult to get recourse.

I think I would report to all the following:

  1. Monzo
  2. Wise
  3. Action Fraud

First two to cover both bases, third to report the crime.

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I’ve just found an old Monzo/Wise transaction I made. In the Monzo app, the something wrong button gives you a few FAQs and no way to reach chat. They push any further support off to Monzo@wise.com.

When I open the Wise app, I see the same transaction in full, but the support options are a little more comprehensive.


Sorry to hear about this :pensive: if you please report this to us through the app we’ll take a look into it from there.

If you tap the payment and “Something wrong” you should see an option to report this as a scam.


Customers don’t get given that option for international transfers.

Ah that’s my bad sorry, I double checked in the app beforehand but don’t have any international ones to check.

If there’s no option then the best way is to search “contact support” in the help section & message us in the chat.

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