Fraudulent transaction via TransferWise - too late to cancel?


I have a relative that has unfortunately been the victim of a scam, which involved transferring money over to an individual for what she thought was a rental deposit (£2550).

It has been made to an international account via TransferWise, today at 12:35pm (approximately an hour and 20 minutes ago). She is trying to urgently reach out to Monzo support (0800 802 1281) to see if they can cancel the transfer - which I’m hoping she can due to it being an international payment - but has had no luck reaching them.

Is there any emergency contact number where she can speak to someone ASAP? - English is not her first language, so if I can speak to someone about the case that would probably be more effective, to explain the situation quicker.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated!

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has she tried the “something wrong get help” tab at the bottom of the screen when she taps the transaction ?

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She could try contacting TransferWise too. Go to their website and use forgot password with her Monzo connected email address and log into the account.


update: we managed to reach TransferWise, but unfortunately they’ve told her the transfer has already gone through. Is it a lost cause at this stage?

Unfortunately it may be, try to contact Monzo in-app or over the phone to see what they say. I suggest reporting it to Action Fraud.

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