I don't have a Monzo account but two are attached to my credit file

Bit of an usual one but hoping someone can help.

My partner checked her credit report on Clearscore yesterday and discovered two Monzo accounts attached to her file, linked to an old address. She’s never held any accounts with Monzo.

We’ve raised it with Clearscore, but they’ve said it’s effectively out of their hands and that she needs notify Monzo. We’re currently going through the same process with the other credit agencies.

There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get in touch with anyone at Monzo other than via the app, which obviously isn’t an option as she isn’t an account holder.

Is there a customer services email or number that she can call to try to get this resolved?



Also I’d advise being clear that this is suspected identify fraud and looking into Cifas Protective Registration (though the bank would also be able to place a Victim marker on her file if indeed identity fraud).


Thanks, will get in touch and see if we can sort it out. Seems to be an issue with fuzzy matching - soft search linked to her account is someone with a similar first name and d.o.b.; rest of the details are way off.