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Hi there. I recently got my account hacked somehow. I’ve no idea how it happened but I noticed 37 transactions over two days to ali express. The support has been horrible at Monzo with them telling me essentially that they don’t think it is fraud. Which is ridiculous as we are a small cafe business that only uses the account for local shopping wages and supplies. It’s so obvious it’s fraud if someone looked at it.

I don’t know what to do as all I get is zero help just almost robot responses from the support team.

Any help would be massively appreciated as a small cafe this is a nightmare.

Hi. Welcome.

Go back to Monzo, tell them again you wish for them to investigate. They either will, or will continue to say it’s not fraud.

Then you say “I wish to raise an official complaint”

Then that is investigated.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of that, you go to the financial ombudsman.

But this isn’t going to be your account being “hacked”, this is more likely your card details compromised somewhere, could be anywhere.

Did you not get any notifications from these transactions?


It’s not always obvious when you see so many details internally, device, location, IP address, whether it was authenticated in app or by sms, delivery address for the goods is sometimes also visible.

Cases are reviewed in detail and not just based on the same information you see.

A complaint will push a second review in most instances.


Hey @Jonnybrew :wave:

Sorry to hear about whats happened, especially sad to head its targeted to your business! If youre unhappy about the outcome of our Fraud teams investigation Id recommend raising a complaint so we can make sure we’ve done everything right here and make sure no information was missed.

Unfortunately I am OOO but Im sure someone from our team can help. :pray:

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If they didn’t think it was fraud then there’s a good chance it was someone in work who has access to the card and probably the phone if monzo are so sure.

They may have been able to read the SMS codes from the lock screen if no one has access, check your messages and see if there are some codes.

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