I can't log on. Authentication email not received. HELP!


I downloaded the new TestFlight version of the app this morning, and opened it. For some reason, I’d been logged off, and when I attempted to log on, I didn’t receive the confirmation email.

  • I tried again in the TestFlight version, but no luck, so I emailed TestFlight support, but no response (though they later updated the TestFlight app to fix the issue that logged customers out).
  • I deleted the app and reinstalled it from the App Store, and again tried logging on, but no email received
  • This evening, I downloaded the second TestFlight update of the day and tried again, but no email received

I emailed the support team 45 minutes ago - not having been able to access my account since 10am - but no response yet. I have to admit, this is unusual. Obviously I can’t use the in-app chat, because I’m not logged on.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Can anyone provide any advice?

This is quite interesting, maybe there should be a chat function on Monzo’s actual website for scenarios such as this? Have you tried calling 0800 802 1281? :phone:Old school, I know!


All I know is there was a bug in the first test flight version which logged users out. I logged back in straight away though.


Thank you for your response. No, I haven’t actually ever called Monzo since I first got my account 28 months ago, so am only planning to use that option as a last resort.

I do think it would be useful for them to provide full guidance on what to do in situations such as these.

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Finally decided to call - in case there’s a problem with my account (e.g. for some reason it’s been locked out). 11 hours since I was last able to log on, and over 2 hours since my second email. No person on the line, but a recorded message has told me I’ll be called back when someone’s available. :disappointed:

Hey Justin,

Sorry about this :pensive:

Can you send me a private message on here with your registered Monzo email address please?

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Hi @simonb, thank you for sorting that out. That was more complex than I expected.

To be clear to any readers - and fair to Monzo - it has transpired that my email provider decided to block Monzo emails as spam, which is why I was no longer receiving the Monzo authentication emails. With @simonb 's help, I’ve now switched to a different email account and everything is working properly.

Thank you for your support :+1:- it felt strangely unsettling while it lasted!


Does anyone know whom Monzo use to send those emails? I have seen very significant drops in email deliverability over the last few days. This has been caused by the deluge of GDPR emails. Mailgun and mailchimp have been particularly badly affected…

Mailgun from the looks of things. Should be safe. Mailchimp should be too, it’s very hard to spam from them and they take swift action against anyone who tries it. You just need to get a handful of spam reports from recipients on a list that you haven’t emailed in a long time to get shut down while they investigate.

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Yep, we use Mailgun.

If anyone else is having similar problems, please let me know via DM and I can investigate. The Mailgun logs are actually quite helpful to figure out what’s going on!

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