Unable to sign up for business

Given up. I’ll stick with Lloyd’s business banking.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

New Nav or old Nav? There could be a restriction since Business is old Nav only at the moment.

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As Mike says, you won’t be able to use the new nav so I’d try turning that off first. Failing that, the usual fresh installs and I’d go for app store version.

Come off the TestFlight and come off the new nav :ok_hand:t2:

What did Monzo say about this issue?

Sorry, did you miss the part where this was a community forum? If you only want a reply from Monzo, either message them in app, PM them directly, or at the very least tag them (AFAIK there’s a lead Monzo person for business banking). Belittling the efforts of folk trying to help is not a good look.


@jackcully is this an issue you’re aware of?

That information would have been very helpful in your OP and would have prevented:

I’m not annoyed at all, I was merely pointing out that this is a community forum and that the response you received was to be expected. Apparently telling you that was enough for my comment to be flagged, but I won’t be put off helping folk if I can.

Seems like you don’t appreciate my continued input so I’ll bow out now lest I provoke you further.

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Well that was a bit aggressive. Not everyone is an engineer. I am also a software guy and would also know to try those things, but because you didn’t provide any of that information in your original question, assuming that you don’t know to try the basics is perfectly reasonable. Not entirely sure what your problem is here, but making yourself high and mighty because you build apps and so are better than average isn’t going to get you any friends…

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As a forum the community will reply to threads to try and help. If you wish to speak to staff directly about an issue without anyone else replying you would need to contact via in app chat

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Hey @anon80606470 ! Sorry you were having trouble signing up. I can take a look at what was going on and see if we can fix it. If you’ve already un-installed and re-installed the app, it might be something on our side. Feel free to DM me with a bit more detail and we’ll investigate!

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Closing this thread as the OP’s request.