I can’t log in after the front screen says I’m first on the list to get Monzo

Dear support,
My name is Nir Kouris. I’m a fintech evangelist who uses lots of mobile banks from all over the world.
I’ve been trying to get in and got the golden code but still can’t get to register.

Please help and contact me if you can. I’m also here to help you.

Hi Nir,

I would suggest removing your personal details as this is an open forum :+1:t2:

@Naji are you able to asist?

Monzo is only open to UK addresses at the moment - I suspect from your phone number that you aren’t a UK resident ?


Could you give information on why / in what way you cannot register?

This would my my guess @nirkouris

Can you get in touch via the app or help@monzo.com if this is not the case.

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I have also a UK phone number and address but it wont let me add it.

please contact us on the in app chat so we can have a look :slight_smile:

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If you are unable to access the in app chat get in touch via help@monzo.com