App issues with new phone

(Elise Webber) #1

Dear Monzo, I have just uninstalled the app from my old phone and reinstalled it on my new phone , however I am unable to access my account. The log in screen just takes me to the page where it says that 54000 people are in front of me waiting for their accounts.
Please help!
Many thanks ,

(Herp Derp) #2

have you E-Mailed as they will be able to help quicker.


That’s weird, I’ve just done exactly the same and it asked if I had an account and what email to use.

(Simon B) #4

Hi Elise, this usually happens when you attempt to login with a different email to the one that you used to signup! I will send you a private message to help.

(Elise Webber) #5

Good tip , will do. Thank you!

(Elise Webber) #6

Same here , yet when I typed in my email - it goes straight to the counting page!


You’re not a starling investor are you? :smiling_imp: